Monday, March 12, 2012

1st Batch of Winter Whites

Here's some winter Whites, using Stretlets Winter WWI Russians. They were thoughtfully given to me by Steve (hailultramar) for my birthday (thanks!!!). I'm not at all satisfied with how they turned out, but I'm cutting myself some slack because they are the first time I've used both the dipping technique and a white basecoat. Anyway they look fine but a little drab at arm's length. 

It consists of nine infantry, the officer, and a Lewis MMG team. I'll do a few more sections of infantry.

Winttrix Out


  1. happy birthday... so are you 15 now if so You need to change your blog profile... also you didn't announce it on benno's you could have got a birthday present from someone.

  2. No Gowan, I got these for my 14th birthday in November.


  3. They look good to me. Very nice painting, I like how the officer turned out. Your basing is very good also, something I've not done yet for mine. I picked up some Strelets Crimean Tereks a while back they look good enough for RCW though. Nice update.

  4. I think they look pretty good. Some armies are just kind of drab. These have a "been at the front" quality to them.