Monday, March 12, 2012

1st Batch of Winter Whites

Here's some winter Whites, using Stretlets Winter WWI Russians. They were thoughtfully given to me by Steve (hailultramar) for my birthday (thanks!!!). I'm not at all satisfied with how they turned out, but I'm cutting myself some slack because they are the first time I've used both the dipping technique and a white basecoat. Anyway they look fine but a little drab at arm's length. 

It consists of nine infantry, the officer, and a Lewis MMG team. I'll do a few more sections of infantry.

Winttrix Out

Friday, February 24, 2012

Ukrainian Hut No.1

Just made a quick little Ukrainian hut out of cork in the Matakishi style. The thatching is an old rag.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Here's my MMG stand for the AFSR project, using HaT figures. I'll make a second one of these for the Red Actions "Beyond the Don" campaign system, which requires two stands per MMG section card, but I'll use Stretlets Lewis guns for that.

These are early HaT figures so the sculpting is quite poor, however, I'm reasonably satisfied with the way they turned out. Vallejo paints and Woodland Scenics basing materials as usual for me.

AFSR Artillery Observer

Here's an artillery observer for my AFSR (Armed Forces of Southern Russia) forces. I've painted him as a test figure for the uniform. It's weird not doing camouflage for once, I found myself strangely struggling with getting a "one-color" uniform just right. In fact, the tunic and pants are made from five and four colors respectively! 

He's a conversion of a HaT figure from their Russian Heavy Weapons set, with a headswap from an Esci 8th Army soldier. The AFSR were very well supplied by the British and French (unlike many other White forces), so a Brodie is quite appropriate. 

Paints are all Vallejo and the static grass and bushes are from Woodland Scenics.